Monday, September 29, 2014

Measurements 2 - Results!

I'm visiting NOLA and conveniently, there is a Gold's like, 5 min away from my parent's house. It's a new gym, so they are pretty aggressively "welcoming" people and luckily, I have a good amt of personal training sessions left, so I was able to side step that conversation. 
But I was able to get my measurements, so that was good. 

Here are my beginning measurements when I started in WS:
My chest is 34 (before I started working out, I was a 32)
Waist 34 (i feel like this might be big, it doesn't look as wide as my chest, but it's my true waist at the belly button)
Hips 42 (no surprise there)
Thigh - 26 (what my waist was when I was 18)
Arms 14 (starting measurement- 11)
Calves - probably about 16 - always big.

Here's my measurements now:
My BMI was 28% which was good, I haven't been under 30 in a long time.
My fat percent was at 37% - sigh. I will really have to really diet for this bullshit to go down. My trainer here is pretty aggressive, she wants me to get down to 25%. 
Neck: 12.5in
Chest: 36.5in. she did it including the boobs, whereas in WS, under the boob was measured, I think. (I'm currently fitting into a smaller bra, btw)
Shoulder width: 43in ( I wonder what the average is)
Waist: 30.5in (woo! 4 inches smaller!) - Trainer wants my waist to get down to 25inches. I wonder if that's even possible.
Hips: 41in (1 inch smaller!)
Thighs: Left: 23 Right: 23 (3 inches! LOTS SMALLER!)
Calf: L: 15.5 R: 16 (I wonder if my knee thing is making my calf smaller) 
Biceps: L: 11.5 R: 11 (3 inches smaller and way more defined!)

Overall, I'm happy to see some concrete progress! My clothes have been fitting slightly looser, and my waist has become more defined. It was so much work, though. I definitely am going to have to take the mantra of, "nothing tastes as good as not having to do stair intervals feels" 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Circus Freak

I'm visiting New Orleans for the next few weeks and I'm pretty into taking advantage of the things I can do now that I haven't been able to since I've been away.
#1 - Take a circus arts class.
Right when I started traveling a lot, LA Motion opened up and it offers all kinds of awesome aerial classes. Since I'm in good shape from all my training sessions, I felt that I was ready to take one. I decided to go to the beginner lyra class. The lyra is where you weave yourself in and out of a hoop suspended from the ceiling. It's really beautiful.
I went, not really knowing what to expect and prepared to work out as usual: including drinking a pre-workout drink. It was 7pm and I wanted to be able to focus.
I was worried about my flexibility, I'm at 30% of what I used to be. I had felt it slipping away over the course of the HiiT and weight training, unfortunately. But you gotta start somewhere. I hung in there during the warmup:
running laps around the gym floor, (the springy floor was heaven on my wonky knee), 10 burpees, floor stretches, floor ab work - these are what I think I will remember to do:
lay down > up to pike > down > up to pilates V > down > up reach through wide leg split. That's 1 rep. We did 10.
Downward dog > lift leg up > bring in to nose 10 each leg
hip flexor stretches
lots of loosening up and warming up major joints - hips, neck, back.
backbend - hurt my wrists, but otherwise, can still do.
I know that if I hadn't been working out so much before, I would not have made it through the warmup.
Then we got on the hoop to warm up. Hanging shoulder shrugs 10, I was thanking all those shoulder reps right bout now.
But then getting on the hoop.
That playground monkey bar move where you raise your legs up and loop your knees over the bar? I seem to have lost that ability sometime after the 4th grade. I could not make my body do it. Much less do the hamstring pulsing warmup. It's a lot to align and think about, so I did it lying down on the floor so that I could get the idea of it.
Then it was time for a simple sequence on the hoop.
This time, it was a side mount. Hold the top of the hoop, pull myself up, straddle, hook one leg up, straddle the bar, turn and then hook your other leg, and drop down, holding on to the bottom of the hoop with one hand.
This time, I was able to to get up on the hoop this way pretty easily. I was quite excite at this point, and loving my bulky shoulders. I dropped down and while I wasn't very graceful, I had gotten the mechanics of the sequence.
But then the spinning of the hoop. I started getting dizzy. Quickly. So I dropped off, and got my center. After a few minutes, I was ready for another move.
This time, it was the mount that I cannot do into a mermaid. She spotted me up into the hoop, grab the top with one hand, turn outwards and you're basically in a side plank with your ankles behind the hoop and your body is in front of the hoop. Then back to seat, and other side. Again, once I got on the hoop, I was able to do them.
But the spinning. I have no control over the hoop yet, of course. After this, I was REALLY DIZZY. Like, worse than than the drunk room spins.
I laid myself out on the floor to try and regroup. But then I started sweating. This isn't going to be good. I ran to the bathroom and promptly threw up. Twice. No more pre workout for me before lyra class. But I felt better - enough to drive home, anyway. Once I got home, I went straight up to bed and tried to sleep it off. 4am later, I was still dizzy and nauseated and burping up stomach acid.
I probably should have taken into account my ridiculously sensitive motion sickness trigger. I mean, I get sick if I'm in downward dog too long. What made me think I could spin around in a hoop? ARGH.
But, BUT. The good stuff is that I actually felt really strong. One of the things my instructor said to me was, "don't hang from your hands, hang from your shoulders" and I totally could do that. Which is funny, bc I think my shoulders are one of my weaker spots. I always fatigue out halfway through an arms zumba routine.
Anyway, my shoulders.My big bulky shoulders shone today. I could hoist myself up onto the hoop much more easily than I expected.
What I do have to work on are pullups. If I can do pullups, I think I can get up into the hoop from underneath.
And SPLITS. I CAN STILL DO SPLITS. That might be the most exciting part.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Final.

I got in my last session on Thursday. I was slightly mobile from Kill the Legs the day before, except my hamstrings were crazy sore. I was dreading the stairmaster, as usual.

He upped my warmup to 3min at 8, 3 min at 12. I didn't like it.

started with 20 squat wall balls with 12lb medicine ball - I usually do the 16lb but it wasn't available. It was doable with the 12.  3 rounds in between each tricep

All Tris All the Time.
15 reps wide grip pull downs right into 15 narrow grip. 1 plate and a little plate.
20 leaning over extensions.
20 pull downs
20 cross pulls
all these at least 2xs. I had to go down a plate halfway through and was kinda mad, but my trainer was like, "we did over 40 reps, and your arms are red, so it's ok you're working the muscles"

12 heavy pull downs 50lbs  to 20 half weight
2nd set 12 reps 60lbs and 20 reps 30lbs
12 rows 2 sets heavy

20 squat to shoulder press with 15lbs dumbbells immediately 10 arnold presses
i think we did this 3xs and I may have almost dropped those dumbells on my head.

last. stair intervals.
30 sec each, he controlled it. 8, 12, 9, 14. I felt ok with this. I HAVE CONQUERED THE STAIR INTERVALS

Then I said bye to all my gym staff buddies and it was sad to go. Everyone was super friendly to me and seemed really nice.

As of this posting, though I'm on day 2 and my legs are SO. SORE. I am literally hobbling everywhere. My triceps are so weak that I cannot push down my clothes in my compression bags or roll up my clothes tightly as I am packing. I'm a little worried that I'm too sore, but then again, that was the first time I worked my hamstrings and it's not like he starts me off with super light weights. Hopefully tomorrow I will be a little more mobile.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kill the Legs

Well, my time in WS is coming to a close. I am going to have my last session tomorrow. I had my session today and it was fucking killer. But it was a pretty good session.

I was afraid that I'd be sluggish and tired bc I scheduled it for 3:30pm, and I slept good all day. Like till 2pm good. I didn't want to get up. But I took my preworkout, ate a banana, and hoped for the best.

I got there a little early and bought another workout drink and begrudgingly got on the stairmaster. 4min at 8, 2min at 12. I had to stop halfway thru for a slug of water and really just a rest. I'll never get good at this.

Then he put out a 20, kettlebell, a bosu ball, and a 25 kettlebell. His trainer buddy who's always training when we are put out a 50 as a joke. My trainer decided to work it in.
20 kettlebell swings, 20 seconds of mountain climbers balancing on the upside down bosu ball, 20 kb swings of the heavier kettlebell and the bonus10 deadlifts with the 50. Then back through with the kettlbell swings, and 30 sec of mountain climbers.This was a really good circuit. I hated so many reps, but it was a good mix. I think I had to go through it 3xs  - twice back to back, and once after doing weights.
When I get the self discipline, I'd do this.

Leg day
leg raises on the machine 10 reps each leg, up the weight, 15 reps both legs. With threat of burpees if I stop. 3 rounds.
Deadlifts with a 45 kettlebell in each had. 12 reps, 3 rounds. the kettlebell handles were almost too big for my hand to grip. I did good on these.
Hamstring ...things. Basically bending over, straight legged while pulling heavy weights. 12 reps? 3 rounds.
Step ups. I FUCKING HATE THESE. 10 each leg. 2 rounds.
Wall sits. on the bosu ball. 30 seconds. I swear, I felt all the sweat pop out of my pores all at once at the 20 sec mark.
Second round of wall sits I had to hold a medium sized plate straight out for 30 secs. I wanted to die.
Just when I was about to say, "I'll take these over the stair intervals" he says, "hey, we have just enough time for stairs!" die. diiiiie.
I think he shaved off 30 sec. at 30 sec each, it was 8 > 12 > 9> 14 > 8
Surprisingly, I did not feel like dying. I almost thought that I could have probably gone another 30 sec.

And, as I was leaving, I saw him set up the same circuit for his next session, a girl that was most definitely half my age. If i can do the same circuit as a girl that young, I feel pretty fucking ok with myself.

I scheduled a session for tomorrow. Here's to death.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Last week in the WS

So the last two weeks of my project, my schedule flipped. I got put on the overnight shift. Normally, I wouldn't mind, but this time I had a bit of an episode because I knew that would screw up my workouts. Such is my life.
But I had to take on the mindset that working out is part of my regular day, no matter what.
I managed to get in a zumba class on Monday afternoon. I was very pleased that I got that one in, and I made it a point to go every day that week.

This week is different. I was exhausted and couldn't seem to get enough sleep to flip to days. I cancelled my session today even though I moved it to 1:30pm. I couldn't even get out of bed.

I dragged out of bed to get some food and thought that I had to get to a zumba class at least. Plus, I want to make sure I can say bye and thanks to my instructor. I downed some preworkout and headed over.

That preworkout kicked in like whoa, and I had a really fun class. Also, my knee was feeling good, and I was able to do a lot of the moves. So yay for that.

Tomorrow and Thursday are my last gym sessions. I should probably do all my packing up of this apartment bc I likely will not be able to walk around after this.

I'll try to remember to take my measurements again so I can see if theres' been any progress made.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

In between the sessions

Since I'm using this as my platform to journal my workouts, I am going to note that I've been able to make some zumba classes in addition to the sessions.
Luckily, I found a women's gym like 2 blocks from my regular gym that has a bazillion zumba classes every day. They gave me a deal where I could pay a lump sum for unlimited classes, since I was only going to be here for a few weeks. How nice! That's some women to women business right there. (reminder: glowing review on foursquare)
Unfortunately, my knee has been acting up again, and I have to take it to low impact during the classes. But getting in something is better than nothing, right?

I really enjoy this women's gym, it's super nice, the floor is perfect, and they have some weight machines amongst all the cardio equipment. I really feel lucky that I found it and was able to go to all the classes.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Session 8/14? 8/19-ish

Gah, I'm slacking on recording my workouts. I'm two behind and I'm hoping that I can remember what I did.

The summer temps  humidity or something is getting to me, bc I just can't get moving. This workout was better than the last. Here's what I can remember from it.

...I don't think I can remember anything. Did I even have a session last week? I don't think so, Foursquare says no. So here's Aug 19th session:

Oh god, the stairmaster: warmup bumped up to 4 min on 8, 2 min on 10 hard opener, but I was able to get through it.

25 squat wall balls with 16lb medicine ball. I hate these. It's the smaller ball, so he made me do more. well, no. I don't really hate these. I'm just not that coordinated.
The 2nd time I could only make it to 20 wallballs, my body wouldn't do more.

30 squats with the weighted tube thing. Deceptive. Looks light, but it'll wear you out if you don't pace yourself.
The 2nd time, I bargained for a heavier tube thing and less squats. so he gave me the heaviest one but only reduced my reps to 25.

Bicep Curls - omg I'm so weak!!! I had to go down weight I was so embarrassed :(

#Ropebeast time

8 seconds rope
10 reps each arm shoulder raises - only 10lb dumbbells, but I had to do this combo 3 times.

More embarrassing bicep curls. 20 reps narrow grip, 20 reps wide.

Increasing sets
8 seconds rope, 10 shoulder raises. 10x each arm!
10 seconds rope, 15 shoulder raises
15 seconds rope, 20 shoulder raises

Then he gave me some heavy ass bar and I had to do 20 overhand straight bicep curls and then bent wrist curls.

Ended with 20 shoulder presses. Holy crap. These are my weakest and I don't think I finished. I may have gotten to 16.

For not having had a session in two weeks, I think this was ok, even though I got a lot weaker.

FTR, I'm on day 2 and my inner thighs huuuuurt. I then realized I really did like, 100 weighted squats. That's a lot in my opinion. :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tired. Solid. Strong.

Thursday workouts are usually my good days. I've had a few days off, I have had some sleep, and I'm ready to go hard. 

This day was not that kind of Thursday. Could be because yesterday I tried to go to a zumba class and I didn't get a proper rest day in between workout days. Could be due to the extra classes I picked up for work on Wed. But I just woke up not feeling like getting out of bed. I wasn't tired or sore or anything, my body physically felt like it didn't want to move. Mentally, I was all about going to the session today. 

So I got up and dressed, and was moving a bit slower than usual. It was also hotter than it has been, or maybe since my workouts are at 11am now instead of 9am, the heat and humidity is higher and making me feel sluggish. 

The universe threw me a bone - both stairmasters were taken, so I got to warm up on the treadmill. 
We then started with the HiiT stuff:

8 burpees with the 16lb medicine ball.

Alternating with

First real deadlifts with bar. 12 reps. 95lbs. Tough but I did it. I feel like I got fatigued earlier than I usually would, but he said that this is really tough and I should be winded.

Abs circuit:
captain's chair - 15 leg lifts. 
obliques on angled thing. - 15 each side
ab pulldowns on machine - 20 reps
balancing on a bench and doing knees to chest - 20 reps augh!
twice through

Kill the legs:
Squat machine. 3 super sets of 20 at a low weight of 160. I wanted to die during the second set. He said that we have done up to 260lbs so this shouldn't be bad. BUT IT WAS, IT WAS SO HARD. SO MANY REPS. 

leg raises on the machine. 
left, right and both. 10, 10, 20. had to go lower on my weak knee but it helped. 

funny machine that did extensions while standing up and your leg was raised and you kick out. Harder than it looks, bc you have to balance on one foot and keep your other leg raised and then kick out. 20 each leg.

We had a good run, even though I just felt very sluggish. I knew that my body would not be able to do a lot of sustained movement. I don't know what it was, but it was a wall.

I did well on the lifting, he said that most girls who had never done deadlifts  would not be able to start  deadlift at 95lbs like I did. So I feel a bit better with where I am in my workouts. I said that my legs and hip area feel very heavy to me (that's why captains chair feels so hard to me) He mentioned that there is a lot of strength in my legs and I've been doing well on leg day. He has also mentioned I'm strong in my triceps and I must have back strength bc the warrior ropes are something I can see myself getting better at.

So even though I felt like my body hit some sort of wall, this was the first workout that I've actually felt strong. I like this feeling. No wonder people want to lift heavy and for fewer reps.
But I guess the fat burning happens when there is high heart rate. I have to be ok with that, since I really don't enjoy moving around.
(posted late, this was for Aug 07 workout)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Body Shock

It's been a good stretch between workouts. I didn't get any additional classes in over the weekend between the long shifts at work and my honey coming to visit for the weekend.

One thing I did notice was that my body was feeling that it needed, yes, NEEDED to work that's a new thing. I think I've finally begun to make my body adjusted to working out. Even when I was going to Body Pump and Zumba a million times a week, my body never felt driven to go work out.
I've also definitely come to get used to working out first thing of my day. NOT MORNINGS, but I am used to it being the first thing that I do.

I felt my muscles were pretty tight and I had a rough day/night on Monday. 12 hour day and some crap messed up at work so I was on the higher end of anxiety. I slept in later and felt sluggish bc of my mood. This is a new challenge for me, to mentally get over bad days and the want to wallow in bad day-ness. I wasn't under-rested, though so it was good. I had moved my workouts to 11am and I think it's the best thing I've done so far.

I got to the gym, and like a trained rat got on the fucking stairmaster. He told me to go 7min. I usually just do 6 min. I realized I did not hydrate very much yesterday either. But I got on and raised the level from 6 to 8, since my last interval low was 8. I had to pause halfway through to drink water but I made it and it didn't feel SO terrible. Had to stretch out my muscles a lot though. Tight Tight Tight. My knee felt good, so that was a good sign.

HiiT part. He's been upping the HiiT a lot lately. I guess this is better for the weight loss, but I enjoy the lifting more.

5 pushups on bosu ball, then 10 sec box mountain climbers 3 times each
25 squat wall balls with big ball. I didn't pace myself, nor am i coordinated enough for this. I think i hit my chin a couple of times with the medicine ball. These were ugly
30 squats with 40 lb? kg? kettlebell. 2nd time around, he gave me 50 lb kettlebell and made me do 25. Heavy!

did chest and back on the machines.
chest 3 different machines, it's hard to describe them...
press ups 12 reps then drop set of 15
front pull downs narrow grip - 12 then drop set of 20
crosses 12 and then 20
did these all twice

then back to the HiiT - I was feeling it kicking in after the weights.


7 sec alternating / 10 sec mountain climbers on the box / 7 sec rope left hand over right / 10 sec box mountain climbers / 7 sec ropes right over left / 10 sec box mountain climbers / 7 sec both arms at once / 10 sec mountain climbers.
WHEW. I want to get better at these. I kicked up the mountain climbers halfway through when I started feeling my pace.

THEN THE DREADED STAIR INTERVALS. faaaaaack. Bc I had to wait for someone else to finish, he gave me another minute. I wanted to die. Then he and another trainer were talking about "suicides" and I was all, "what are those??" He said, "you don't know what those are? We'll do them on Thursday" DAMMIT. AND I THINK THEY ARE GOING TO BE OUTSIDE. fuck fuck fuck. never asking him what excersises are again.

Then the intervals came. He said that since I had a rest, we go to 4 minutes and he's going to drive. eek. we did 30 sec each. started at 8, went to 12, down to 9, up to 13, down to 9, and finished at 14. I made it and I wasn't as dying as before. I did feel super accomplished and really good about how this session ended. He said I pushed myself and it was a good session.

I am not good at working out through a bad mood yet, since the only way I can work out is if I'm really enjoying it. Today was a good trial in pushing through my bad mood wall, and I had some good milestones in this session despite all of the icky stuff. thumbs up.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Afternoon Delight? Not So Much.

I found a really good Zumba instructor that I like. She's kind of a oxymoron, bc I can tell her style is hip hop based and she plays a lot of hip hop, but is pretty Christian.

Anyway, I stalk her classes, and she had one today (Wed) at 4:30 - I figured that this was a good time bc it wasn't too late in the day and it would help me prepare for my session on Thurs.

I prepped as usual, with my pre-workout and I tried to eat light all day. I didn't eat much at all bc I'm now used to working out on a nearly empty stomach.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel the energy of the preworkout working so effectively as on my usual mornings. I got through the class, but couldn't do most of the high high energy moments.

Well, as long as I got something in, it's better than nothing.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Rope Beast

Well, today did not totally rock the session. I think it is due to going to bed later than I wanted to last night, and also probably not sleeping too well. I had a bad headache and my allergies were acting up. I didn't feel very awake this morning and was a little slow.

Unfortunately, my trainer had a big HiiT day planned for me.

The fucking stairmaster warmup. He busted me doing a 6 and told me to bump it to 8. faaack. The minutes dragged by. I was getting ok with these.

Box Jumps.
I fucking wussed out on these. The platform is quite narrow and while I knew I could get the height, I also knew that my wide stance would have one foot just off the edge enough for me to fucking eat it. I tried. TRIED. TRIEEEEEEED. I couldn't do it. The image of me falling off the damn thing was too vivid. After my 5th attempt, I asked my trainer if I could do it on a step aerobics step. I think he thought I was afraid of the height bc he didn't stack it up as high as the box. I was then able to jump. I had to do one minute of jumps.

push ups > cross the ropes > mountain climbers
This is good, he put the warrior ropes down, and I had to do pushups on one side, cross the ropes and do mountain climbers on the other. Then cross back and do increasing numbers of push ups, cross back and do longer mountain climbers.
Each time he increased the push ups by 2, and increased my mountain climber time by 3 or 4 seconds. I had to do it until I got to 7 push ups.
These are hard but I think I can improve on these.

Squats and shoulder press ups with 15lb dumbbells 20 reps.

Shoulders with 15lb dumbbells. start with them in front of my face, open out, press up. 15 reps.
Shoulder raises 20 - he gave me 8lbs and then was like, that's too light and gave me 10s.
Shoulder wide pull downs on the machine - 15 reps.
Shoulder pulls to the face - 15 reps
Sitting, leaning forward, extended arm raises with 8lbs dumbbells- 15 reps

Warrior ropes - 10 sec alternating arms 10 seconds both arms till we got to 40 sec. then he tacked on 5 additional seconds each.
One of the other trainers was having a session in the same area, and she was all, "Wow, you go with those ropes! You do really well at them!" I don't know if she was bullshitting, I'll take it.

FUCKING STARIMASTER INTERVALS. He upped that shit. 30 sec each. low 8, high 12. I asked if I could walk around the gym on the last 30 and he was all, "what? no one's asked me that before. No."

Doing the 2nd round of the circuit is sooo hard after this.

He increased reps for most of the moves... and doing the pushups/mountain climbers backwards was killer. I must have looked like I needed a push, bc one of the other trainers joined me for a few seconds. It worked, I pushed it harder. And at least got my last push up in properly. I was dying by this point.

Box jumps. jeezus. hard. 1 minute. He called me out to my gym account manager who stopped by to talk to him. I'm going to have to step up my box jump game.

Warrior ropes. 50 seconds, and bonus 5s each. I was failing by the end but he was all, "get it it to wave to the end, you did it before!"

And he said I was The Rope Beast today. This is the biggest props I've gotten from him.
So, while I don't think I performed as well today, I think the warrior ropes might be something I'm good at. I also want to really get better with my push ups.

I also moved my workouts to all be at 11am. instead of 9. They always say to listen to your body, and mine says that I need to fucking get some morning sleep.

Well, this is what a Rope Beast's arm looks like:

I'm Back in BiZnass.

Zumba bizness that is. ok, well maybe not zumba, but back in Dance Fitness. I went to my 2nd dance cardio class tonight. It was no joke. They OPENED with Outkast's BOB. I've never ever heard that fast of a song up in a dance class. High energy, but super hip hop, so it was more like high steppin. It takes a CREW to teach this class. 1 incredibly fit female, and 2 sick fit dudes. I think they were all Zumba certified too.

I haven't enjoyed a class in so long, I was on cloud 9 in this class. I really tried to pace myself and I found myself keeping up with the crew - they did a lot of jumping jacks and squats and high knee hopping. I totally attribute this to my training sessions with my personal trainer, though. He's really building up my endurance and ability to keep an elevated heart rate. I also got to sleep in today and that makes a huge difference.

Then they fucking busted out the RuPaul and Big Freedia "Peanut Butter" song. Have mercy. Pop, jumping jacks, high steppin like mad. It was crazytown.

The most inspiring thing tonight was they were saying good bye to one of the regulars, easily a 200lb dude who went up there and did at least 3 songs and was REALLY GOOD. The crew bought smoothies from the smoothie bar and we all toasted to him. He's moving to Cary, NC and is going to get his Zumba cert! I got to talking with him and he told me there is a ton of zumba activities in town. Maybe I'll get in on the action.

This is the first time that I've really felt an improvement in my performance, I can regulate my breathing, my stamina is increased and I'm getting a bit better in the endurance. I can do all the arm routines without getting fatigued like I used to (thanks to lifting) and I think this is the kind of good that people talk about when they say they feel great after working out. Also could be that this is the exact kind of class that caters to me.

So happy that my knee did not give me problems and I can even jump and hop on it. (still hurts a lot when i have to climb/go down stairs though)
I hope that my remaining time here allows me to keep going to these classes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Proof is in the Pudding

All that zumba last week + moving my workout session to 11am seems to have paid off. I had a really good session today.

Fucking stairmaster warmup - 6min, started back up at 7. I think I'm starting not to die on this fucking hateful thing.

Toe tap touches on the bosu ball. Hop back and forth on balls of your feet and touch the center of the bosu ball. 35sec. this round was me trying to keep my balance and not crack another ankle.

squats holding 25lb dumbbell and pushing it up at top of squat. 20 reps. I was afraid I would drop that fucking dumbbell on my face. Also, my hands are too small to hold that thing.

10 jumping squats. 3 pulses, 1 jump. I thank Body Pump for prepping me for this one. I owned these.

Hammer curls with 15lb dumbbells, 12-15 reps. Really had to concentrate and not depend on momentum to get these.

Step ups holding weights. - it was on the machine, so I don't know how heavy it was. 8 each leg.

Biceps and triceps on the machines.
classic curls - 15 reps, then drop sets, half the weight and 20 reps.
tricep pull downs - 15 then drop set of 20
tricep high extension. elbows up. 15 reps each arm. tough!
bicep overhand curls, these were weird but i did them 15 reps.
tricep classic extensions - 15 reps and drop sets. I had to go down to lightest weight :( even my trainer was surprised.

THE FUCKING STAIR INTERVALS 30 seconds each. Low-8, high - 11.  I was not dying and he's all, "go to 13" I was like, "fuck" but I did up to 12 and survived (I should have done 13) So something good is happening.

Second round of all the above. When it came to the bosu taps, he was all, "hello. you can go faster." and so I had to pick it up for fucking 35 seconds. I was able to hang and I think I can credit all the zumba. I didn't feel like my ass was so fucking heavy this time. Also, any time I'm asked to do anything on my toes, I can go to town on it.

so, 80% great session. I feel like improved so much on my cardio endurance and I that HAS to be due to all that zumba I did last week.

Why were my tris so weak today?! >:( usually I can rock the tricep days but I was failing by rep 12 on some of them. BOO.

interesting turn of events: this gym is being bought by Gold's. So that's going to be weird. I'll end up having a national membership, so that will be cool, but I know my personal training sessions will go up in price significantly. ugh. And I hope they can grandfather me in on the payment plan bc THIS SHIT IS SPENDY. But worth it. And if I leave here with unused sessions, it will carry over to any Gold's. So ok. Maybe it will work out. I was kind of looking forward to renewing my 24hr fitness when I'm back in the area, but there are sooo many Gold's gyms that I'll always have a place to go.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dancin' Machine

After Thursday night's super successful dance fitness class, I was recharged enough to seek out some more Zumba classes. My knee was feeling good, and I felt ready cardio-wise to get back into the game. I also did not want there to be a long stretch of days in-between my personal training sessions of not working out so that my Tuesdays aren't just me feeling like I have to catch up.

Friday I had some time in the morning and found another studio that was offering a lot of Zumba and dance fitness classes. It's an all women gym and was convienently close to my other gym and home. It's a gorgeous space, huge HUGE dance studio with an awesome floor. Perfect material, not slippery but not too grippy. I super lucked out, this class's instructor was super fun and she was really choreo based, dance oriented and hip hop flavor without being too aggressively high energy. I had a great time, my knee was not giving me problems, I could start twisting and staying on the balls of my feet without pain. My form was coming back and I was having a great time. I started to really feel like I was back in the groove.

The instructor was super nice as well and she asked me if I was also an instructor, so that must mean that I am really on the road back. I am so super excited.

I may be getting back to form, but I can definitely tell that I have been out of practice. All my tiptoe muscles are hurting from dancing on the toes all of a sudden. One thing that I have noticed is that during my long term stint having to wear flats so I could walk around SF hindered my ability to move around up on my toes and my calves and shins were much weaker. Another reason to keep up my stamina of wearing heels! Because, Zumba!

Then I decided to go again on Saturday. I need to get back into going on as many consecutive days as possible. I will train super hard on my sessions and then go to Zumba on the weekends. Sunday and Monday are my heaviest work days, so I think those will be my recoup days. Tuesday I will try to make it a two a day because The Crew teaches Tues/Thurs. I'm being super ambitious now. I usually nap away my Tuesdays. But I can try. I was at that point once. I'd do the 2 consecutive Body Pump and Zumba classes in the am then go to my then-mentor's class in the evenings. I was so sweaty all the time. But also a size 26. So, there's that. Maybe I can do it. I of course find out all these things a week before go-live hits and my schedule gets unbearable.

Anyway, I get to my Saturday class and it's one of those instructors that are SUPER HIGH ENERGY. The kind of instructors I cannot keep up with and with routines that make me feel too heavy to move fast. I'm not a fast mover to begin with, and I really have a hard time keeping up with all the jumping and running around. I was also a little tired bc I stayed up too late. So I settled in at the back, and prepared myself to have to power through the class. But then the pre workout drink kicked in and then she played one of my favorite songs, and it became a super fun class. She played familiar songs that I liked and was able to mostly keep up. I mean, she's the kind that has major hops in class and can jump super high after every grapevine. I tried it, and all I felt was the anchor that was my hips and ass working against me.

I ended up enjoying the class quite a bit and the instructor was super nice, we talked a lot about how fun Zumba is and she just gets so excited and she does it bc she loves it so. Zumba may be some cult fitness thing, but the magic is that everyone who teaches, loves it. LOVES IT.  And it always shows in their classes. They really get their energy from feeling their style and loving doing it. I wonder how instructors have so much energy for their classes and I guess it's from them really loving what they do.

...And I think I'm starting to feel that magic again.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm Back in BiZnass.

Zumba bizness that is. ok, well maybe not zumba, but back in Dance Fitness. I went to my 2nd dance cardio class tonight. It was no joke. They OPENED with Outkast's BOB. I've never ever heard that fast of a song up in a dance class. High energy, but super hip hop, so it was more like high steppin. It takes a CREW to teach this class. 1 incredibly fit female, and 2 sick fit dudes. I think they were all Zumba certified too.

I haven't enjoyed a class in so long, I was on cloud 9 in this class. I really tried to pace myself and I found myself keeping up with the crew - they did a lot of jumping jacks and squats and high knee hopping. I totally attribute this to my training sessions with my personal trainer, though. He's really building up my endurance and ability to keep an elevated heart rate. I also got to sleep in today and that makes a huge difference.

Then they fucking busted out the RuPaul and Big Freedia "Peanut Butter" song. Have mercy. Pop, jumping jacks, high steppin like mad. It was crazytown.

The most inspiring thing tonight was they were saying good bye to one of the regulars, easily a 200lb dude who went up there and did at least 3 songs and was REALLY GOOD. The crew bought smoothies from the smoothie bar and we all toasted to him. He's moving to Cary, NC and is going to get his Zumba cert! I got to talking with him and he told me there is a ton of zumba activities in town. Maybe I'll get in on the action.

This is the first time that I've really felt an improvement in my performance, I can regulate my breathing, my stamina is increased and I'm getting a bit better in the endurance. I can do all the arm routines without getting fatigued like I used to (thanks to lifting) and I think this is the kind of good that people talk about when they say they feel great after working out. Also could be that this is the exact kind of class that caters to me.

So happy that my knee did not give me problems and I can even jump and hop on it. (still hurts a lot when i have to climb/go down stairs though)
I hope that my remaining time here allows me to keep going to these classes.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Leg Day is the Best Day

So, after last Tuesday's terrible session, I rescheduled my Tuesdays to noon instead of 9am.
This made a world of difference. I think I had the best workout ever, thanks to sleeping in. And I didn't even get to go to the gym over the weekend due to work schedule.

That fucking stairmaster. He asked me to start at 7, I usually do a 6 and have to stop halfway through to hydrate (rest). Today, I went the whole time without stopping and I didn't want to die so much.

Warrior ropes: 12 seconds alternating hands, 8 sec Right, 8 sec Left, 10 sec both. I probably could have done faster, but I was trying to just keep a good pace so I could keep going the whole time.
Second round, he increased time to 15, 10, 10, 15. pant pant pant.

Burpees with kettlebells. 35lb kettle bells. 12 reps. sweat!

Box step ups holding 20 lb dumbbells in each hand.10 step ups each leg. kinda sucked. I was more afraid of falling down.

Tricep extensions. I don't know the weight but he did say my form was perfect. 12 each arm. not too bad, I wish I could have gone heavier.

Lunges carrying 20lb dumbbells. I hate lunges.

Deadlifts in the weight room. told me 10, then pushed to 12. It was a bar that looked like a cage, and you put the weights on the sides. Took the back strain out of the lifting and put the work all in the legs. I liked it. Bar - 75lbs, he put on 2 plates on each side. I don't know how heavy it was, but it was fucking heavy.
Second round, he got me to do 15.

Squat machine: first round, 160lbs 12 reps. Second round, 220lbs, 15 reps.

Leg extensions. 12 both on heavy, 5 each leg one level lighter. Getting better at these.

I felt really good today. I know it was that I was able to sleep in that made for such a good workout.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Session Fail.

Today I woke up and exhausted. I couldn't shake the previous two days off me. It was the first time i thought about canceling. But I went and tried to make the best of it.

The fucking stairmaster warmup. I made the 6 minutes and even bumped up the level towards the end. I felt better about today.

But then the rope jumps. 30 seconds of straight jumping from one side of the ropes to the other. I got winded pretty fast, and just the feeling of heaving my thighs and butt off the ground was pretty completely intolerable.

Extended straight leg lifts. 15 reps. Doable.

Man Makers - 8 of these with 15lb dumbbells.

Squats and shoulder presses holding 10lbs kettlebells. 15 reps. Fine.

2nd round, increased rope jumps to 35 seconds. Dying. I was like, "These suck hard" and he was all, "well, I usually make people only do it for 20 seconds at a time" - upside, but can't breathe.

Leg lifts - 15reps - fine.

Man Makers - 8 with 15lb dumbells - I struggled through them which sucked because it's been a while since I have done these and I really like them. If I wasn't winded from the jumping (and so exhausted from working) that I could have really killed these. Disappointed in my struggle.

Squats again - fine.

Mother fucking stair intervals. 3 minutes. I made it through 2 minutes, high at 11, 12 and low at 7, 8 then could not get my breathing, I had to stop and try to regulate. After a while, I did get back up and got one more high/low in but could not make it through another interval to finish out the 3 minutes.
Suck. bc this ate into my lifting time.

Back and biceps today. Got through it, but I feel like I didn't get to finish. My wheezing episode ate into my lifting time. mad. sad and I just wanted to go back to sleep.

Upside -
I did do the 2 sets of man makers.
I do 15s seconds more of the rope jump
He was proud of me that I got back up on the stairs to try to finish out that interval.

I really felt like I was fighting a losing battle with my body today. I'm never not tired, I'm not losing weight even though I've been eating healthy for the last 4 months, and I'm trying to work out more effectively than before but I don't know if my body can do it.
Even my trainer noticed that Tuesdays are hard for me.

I don't know why the stairmaster and the jumping is so hard. I just FEEL so HEAVY that I am not strong enough to bear my own weight when to jump or to lift my legs to each stair.
The messed up thing about this all is that I went to a zumba class over the weekend so that I would not have so much trouble with the stair master and have so much time in between workouts.
sigh. I don't know how to remedy this.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Session: How Does He Find Exercises That are Worse Than Burpees?

Well today was a really killer session, and I wasn't feeling like going bc it was later in the afternoon and i had gotten accustomed to working out in the mornings. I didn't know he was going to bring the pain today.

I've been dreading that fucking stairclimber, but today I tried to face it on my old setting of 7-8 for warmup. I did 3min at 6, and then upped it to level 7. It sucked but I think it's getting slightly easier.
I should not have spent so much energy on that bc he had me do rope burpees. This is what he opened with.
Rope, burpee, rope. x 8. Jeezus.
Single arm Kettle bell squats and swing - 8lbs kb for 12 reps each side. ok not bad. He'll probably up it to 10lbs next time.
12 pushups on Kettlebells. I was afraid I would not balance and roll off those Kettlebells, otherwise, success.
Lunges across the room with 12lb weight on my back. Suck.
2nd round through - he increased the reps. I was able to get to 9 with the rope burpees, and up to 15 on my pushups.

Chest and Tris day.
Did some strange chesty thing that will puff up my cleavage. Woot. I was probably only at 20lbs but at 12 reps, it was so hard.
Triceps: single pulldowns 12 reps each - bummed bc I had to lighten the weight after first set bc I was falling apart, form wise.
Chest Fly things 10-12 reps - on the machine they are weird to balance.
Triceps: both arms, with that rope thing and split out at the bottom. 12-15 - I did better at these.
Chest flys again - he may have pushed me to 15. But I probably did 12 again.
Triceps: single pulldown drop sets - 10 reps, then cut the weight and do 20 reps. Did. Not. Like.

Then he threw this in: clock pushups.
Pushup at 12 o'clock, rotate to 3, pushup, rotate to 6, pushup, rotate to 9, pushup, back to 12, pushup. PUSHUP again and then back around.
I made one and a half rotations and my triceps literally gave out.

I expressed disappointment in going down in weight with the single tricep pulldowns, but he said: "gotta give credit where credit is due - you have strong triceps"
Improvements: he said my pushups are getting way better.
He asked me how my leg day was. If I was sore today. I admitted that I wasn't sore, so I may be looking at a hard hard leg day next time around. I also said that I didn't like the light weights, lots of reps thing, bc I think I don't have endurance, and he said that my endurance has also way improved. So good.
He also said that today's HiiT sesh was a pretty hard set. I think he did take it easy on me with the ankle thing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

training session rundown

I think I'm on my 3rd week of training sessions, and we are finally back to legs.
My sessions are typically 30 min HiiT training and the rest lifting.
Today's HiiT:
fucking stairmaster. 7 minutes on level 6 (to be kind to my ankle, he usually makes me go up to 8 after 2 min) - getting ever so slightly easier.
walking angled pushups with bosu ball. started out 8 each side, then went to 12 each. Getting better with my pushups.
20lb kettlebells, one in each hand, carry them shoulder level, squat, then push them all the way up. 25 reps. - nasty!
obliques on the hanging over thing - 12, then 16 each side. - Zumba REALLY helped me with this one. All that ass shaking and side stepping is obliques if you do them right.
captain's chair - straight leg raises, 12, then 15. with threat of burpees if I stopped. Didn't stop.
Two rounds of the above, increasing reps 2nd time around.

Since I injured my ankle last week jumping out of a tractor tire, my trainer didn't want me at the big barbell thing, so we ended up just doing machines.
Super Set squats/leg raises
squats, started 140lb, for 10, then went to 160lbs for 15 reps. - he made me do a bonus 5 when I wasn't dying by 10.
leg raise quads thing - 40lbs for 15, twice. Then second set upped it to 60 for 10 reps, halved the weight for 20. That killed. I'm becoming a fan of heavy lifting for shorter reps.
Straight leg deadlifts - 2 sets of 15. I didn't see the weights.

Legs. Burning.

Took the best nap ever after this session, woke up with sore obliques already.

Measurements and Such

This is going to be brutal. But I got my measurements done today at my training session and it's pretty bad. I did a lot of damage in SF.
I'm the heaviest I've ever been at 165, Body Fat at 30%
My chest is 34 (before I started working out, I was a 32)
Waist 34 (i feel like this might be big, it doesn't look as wide as my chest, but it's my true waist at the belly button)
Hips 42 (no surprise there)
Thigh - 26 (what my waist was when I was 18)
Arms 14 (starting measurement- 11)
Calves - probably about 16 - always big.

I have a lot of work to do. I will try to go to the gym for supplemental classes on the days that I do not have training sessions, and stay on this clean eating track, no matter how boring it gets.

Upside: I squatted my body weight today and it wasn't bad
Stairclimber machine is getting incrementally easier, but fuck. Time stops on that fucking thing.
Trainer said that my body fat % was on the lower side of my age bracket. I'm merely overweight and not obese.
I did not want to jump off a bridge at the sight of all these numbers. I accepted them and set my mindset.
I think I'll start recording what my workouts have consisted of so that I can look back and have a reference of what I can do.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Time Back at Zumba Since Knee Injury

It's been months, like semester long timespans between me and my last zumba class. Last December, I hurt my knee in a zumba class. I was at a gym that I wasn't familiar with and my shoes were just a tad too tacky for the floor, and so I didn't have the slide that is so important to a zumba class. With so many lateral shifts, shaking hips, and moving around the dance floor, there is this crucial balance needed where you have to have lots of slide on your shoe, but not too much that you can't grip the floor when you need stability.
Well, I tweaked my knee just enough that it kept me from going to classes. I thought that rest and taking some time off of it would heal it.

It never felt quite right. I could go to a Body Pump class, without it being aggravated, so I stuck with those. Then it started hurting when I went down flights of stairs. I had to get it looked at.

Thankfully, no tears or major damage. Some inflammation and what was actually happening to make my knee hurt going down the stairs and putting pressure on it is that my kneecap is off it's track. It's basically being pulled to one side because of my outer thigh muscles are stronger than the inner thigh muscle. No surgery but physical therapy is needed. Good news.
Also, the face that my doc made when I said I twisted it in zumba class did not escape me. Lots of zumba induced knee injuries come through his office, apparently.

So I went through some PT. Some very fucking expensive PT bc my insurance does not cover me outside of my zipcode. woo.
It was pretty intense and I wish I was able to do more, but I was already getting transferred out of that city for work. It's been feeling ok as long as I've been working it out with my trainer, and when there was a stretch of 4 or 5 days in between sessions, I noticed that it started to kind of hurt again. I knew I needed to work it out somehow.

Well, there was a zumba class this morning that I could go to with plenty of time for me to make it to work. I was planning to take it really low impact and just get it moving a bit. Thankfully, the class today wasn't one of those really frenetic, high impact, jumping around classes like you hear nightmare stories about. It was a good balance of mid to high tempo and not too many reps of the same thing to make it boring. Perfect to go back to. My knee stung for the first few minutes but then it seemed to warm up and I didn't have any problems with it. I refrained from anything twisty, and didn't jump on it. But I got my heart rate up and made it through the class in a good zone.
I have to remember to spend some time on the elliptical before I go to my next zumba class to warm up the knee. That's how we started each PT session. I should also keep doing my inner thigh strengthening exercises at home before I forget what they are.

To be honest, I didn't miss Zumba as much as I thought I would. Since body pump and weights and HiiT, I have found out that I really just don't like moving around that quickly that much, and by much, I mean I just don't like having to move quickly, period. Maybe it's because I am so overweight that I still feel like I'm wearing a fat suit and I'm lacking in agility.

How to turn this into a goal or something useful? Through lifting, I can build enough muscle to move my body, and I can go back to zumba classes and enjoy myself. I mean, LeBron is massive, and he is still quick. So that's the goal.

All in all it was a major success to be able to go back to class. Shoulder day resulted in my being able to get through the all arms songs in zumba without burning. Effective working out is Effective.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Healthy English Muffins?

I’m lovin’ it– The Healthy Egg McMuffin | Healthy Indulgences
This, like all other healthy versions of delicious foods that are off limits to anyone who is trying to eat healthy, sounds like it will be a seamless transition and it's JUST LIKE THE BAD VERSION OF THIS. never is.

I give kudos to all those paleo/clean/glutenfree/seedfree food bloggers out there who mix up 5+ different kinds of nut flours and dozens of eggs at a time to try to come up with something that is close to resembling bread. I've trolled the pinterest boards and the one thing these recipes do have going for them is that they are quick to make. I mean, it's not really bread, so there's no rise time or anything like that. Out of the thousands of dollars I've spent on almond flour (the shit is expensive!) there's 2 "breads" that have worked out.

English Muffins are so much my favorite thing in the bread world. They are so good with anything and everything. So I was pretty excited when I came across this "english muffin" recipe. However, it does use coconut flour, which in my experience was terrible. But if this one works out, I could be super super happy to have an english muffinesque thing that I can eat. And coconut flour is much less expensive than almond flour.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I Guess This is What "Eating to Live" Means

I am always thinking about food these days since I am am trying to shift from eating what I crave and for taste and enjoyment to eating bc it's just fuel. I'm on the clean eating path and the meal prep path.

Perhaps my biggest accomplishment is that I've stopped eating out when I work. I've always had this one big food pet peeve and it's cold lunches. (well, cold food in general) I just don't like food that could be warm but is cold. I also do not care for salads. So I always opted for getting a hot meal for lunch. I also have odd food anxieties: what if I don't want to eat what I brought? (happens often) what if I like what I brought but I didn't pack enough and I'm hungry for the rest of the day? (I am not a snacker)

But this project, I committed to bringing my lunch. And breakfast, too for that matter. I did allot one SBUX coffee and the new Protein and Greens drink by Naked. BUT THAT WAS IT. This was killing me because here I am, in North Carolina, surrounded by BBQ and I simply cannot indulge in that every day.

That was mid April. I've kept it up until now. And it was easier to do than I expected. I think this also had to do with my goals to eat as much vegetables as I can possibly stomach.  Dinner was a bit of a different story, I probably averaged 80/20 cooking to eating out, and that's because I found my favorite family style pho joint that I went to at least once a week.

I am currently using this Coach Calorie 4 week meal plan as a guide for how to eat the same thing every day. I really like it because it doesn't list very many salads.

I'm basically just cycling through proteins and eating kale and spinach and a sweet potato. The veggies are the healthy part, the potato is to make my stomach feel full, and the protein is my 4-6 oz of enjoyment.

I admit, I do feel properly filled, not full, after these meals. As in, I'm not hungry for hours after eating like this, so by the "don't eat for enjoyment" books, that meal did it's job.

But lately, I've been missing that feeling of enjoying what I'm eating and that pleasure of feeling satiated. None of these meals ever came close to that feeling of, "yes. that hit the spot." much less that, "oh my god, that meal was amazing, I need a minute to enjoy this afterglow" that something like tureen of foie gras or a proper fried catfish po-boy will elicit.

Does this mean I'm a food addict? I mean, it's my only vice left. I've given up everything else that makes a person feel good. I guess I'm going through withdrawals. I feel like I'm the Trainspotting of changing eating habits.

Personal Trainer Week 2 - Fatigue

So this was my first session that really sucked. I was completely winded before my warmup. (FTR, starting stair climber/master on 8 is no fucking joke.) and like winded as in biggest loser contestant's first workout gulping for air. And we do HiiT for the first half so it wasn't like it was going to get any easier. I even had to stop when I was doing squats with only 10lbs dumbbells. I thought I was going to drop them on my head.
My trainer was pretty surprised, too. He knows that should have been one of my more easier things to get through. ugh.
I wonder if it's because A. It's been almost a week since my last session and B. yesterday was my first day of 7am classroom teaching. I haven't stood for 8 hours in months, and when I got home, I was really super exhausted and worn. out. Getting up at 4am didn't help, I'm sure.
So I think I'm going to have to suck it up and try to make some trainer sessions in the morning during the days I work so that I don't have so many days of not working out in between. I hope I don't die.
Upside - my trainer makes me feel like I'm pretty tough, and I can lift much more weight than I thought I could.

I really hate cardio.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Pizza Mistress

I had pizza for dinner and it was amazing.  Even though it was only a Trader Joe's wheat flour one.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Personal Trainer Sesh 2: Now I know what Leg Day REALLY means

Se of my personal training sessions. It is so much different than going to my classes. It's in no way disguised as fun, but it's already feeling super effective. 

Not to discount all my time with the zumba and body pump classes, I got some good results from them, but I think the biggest thing that it helped me to do is to embrace fitness. I was able to find something that I liked to do. And now, I have a direction to go and have some clearer goals to strive for.

Today was leg day. Squats with real bars and weighs. I was wary of my lower back, but it actually felt like it was getting stronger. 
I still hate lunges, though.   

Friday, June 13, 2014

Desperate Thighs Call for Desperate Measures

Desperate times, and desperate thighs calls for desperate measures. I have hired a personal trainer. This is how desperado I am - I have allocated my whole clothes shopping budget to this.
I know. I know. I should be able to do this on my own right? I mean, I've spent the last 2 years getting into fitness.

But, it's to the point where I feel like I'm wearing a chubby suit. And I also injured my knee a bit and had to do some physical therapy for an additional month, so I didn't want to get back to classes and re-injure it.

And I have more concrete goals.
I want to work with weights, but I want to undo the bulky that I got when I was doing Body Pump. Seriously, I went up a bra band size, meaning my back got wider,  and went from a sm/xsm in shirts to a medium to accommodate my bigger arms and shoulders. Not exactly fetching feminine curves. :\
I want to get stronger, leaner, and improve my form.
I also need to know HOW to eat and to stop thinking about food as food.

So I had my first session, and my trainer seems like a good fit, he listened to everything I said, and can help me with my meal planning as well.
And will not make me do cardio.
NO CARDIO. Let's do this!

We did a half hour of HiiT training, which was very new to me and I think I can be ok with it. It's in no way disguised as fun, so it was a shift for me. But my heart rate stayed up and I was definitely feeling it but not feeling too winded.
Then we went to the weights room and we did back and biceps. I held my own for the most part, he only had to lessen the weights once and it was still way more than I would do in BP.
I can't say the time went by quickly, but it didn't drag and this will be a lesson in focus, so it will be good for me.
And I noticed the next day I was sore. I'm not usually sore the next day after a workout, so I think I'm on the right track.

For fun, I'm going to a body pump class tomorrow and maybe hit the elliptical. I'm still wary of zumba, bc I don't know if my knee is up to 100% yet, and also I feel too big to move that fast. ugh.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Real coke

This was weird. I needed a coke today. Not a diet coke, but a real coke. It was one of the best things I've ever drank.

Must have red meat

Cheeseburger drive was strong this month.
Tues: steak and shake single steak burger.
Tues: Wendy's single
Wed: cheeseburger topped with pulled pork BBQ. That was amazing.
Thurs: even though I had a healthy salad for lunch, I needed a cheeseburger, had half a sonic single.
New development: I really felt like crap after the fast food. I really have reprogrammed my body to like healthy food.
Once this red meat week is over, it's back to the fish and chicken breast.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Self-Destructive Nap Leads to Pizza and Chicken Nuggets

Today I gave in to a post work nap that lasted about 2 hours. I woke up too groggy to get out to get food or cook. I ended up agonizing over what could be delivered to me, and settled on ordering pizza.
I had two slices of pizza and a couple of "chicken bites" which are essentially chicken nuggets.

Then I remembered that I had not prepped anything to eat for lunch tomorrow, so here I am, cooking what is a delicious white bean and sausage soup for tomorrow at 10pm at night when I should be sleeping.