Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Leg Day is the Best Day

So, after last Tuesday's terrible session, I rescheduled my Tuesdays to noon instead of 9am.
This made a world of difference. I think I had the best workout ever, thanks to sleeping in. And I didn't even get to go to the gym over the weekend due to work schedule.

That fucking stairmaster. He asked me to start at 7, I usually do a 6 and have to stop halfway through to hydrate (rest). Today, I went the whole time without stopping and I didn't want to die so much.

Warrior ropes: 12 seconds alternating hands, 8 sec Right, 8 sec Left, 10 sec both. I probably could have done faster, but I was trying to just keep a good pace so I could keep going the whole time.
Second round, he increased time to 15, 10, 10, 15. pant pant pant.

Burpees with kettlebells. 35lb kettle bells. 12 reps. sweat!

Box step ups holding 20 lb dumbbells in each hand.10 step ups each leg. kinda sucked. I was more afraid of falling down.

Tricep extensions. I don't know the weight but he did say my form was perfect. 12 each arm. not too bad, I wish I could have gone heavier.

Lunges carrying 20lb dumbbells. I hate lunges.

Deadlifts in the weight room. told me 10, then pushed to 12. It was a bar that looked like a cage, and you put the weights on the sides. Took the back strain out of the lifting and put the work all in the legs. I liked it. Bar - 75lbs, he put on 2 plates on each side. I don't know how heavy it was, but it was fucking heavy.
Second round, he got me to do 15.

Squat machine: first round, 160lbs 12 reps. Second round, 220lbs, 15 reps.

Leg extensions. 12 both on heavy, 5 each leg one level lighter. Getting better at these.

I felt really good today. I know it was that I was able to sleep in that made for such a good workout.

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