Tuesday, July 8, 2014

training session rundown

I think I'm on my 3rd week of training sessions, and we are finally back to legs.
My sessions are typically 30 min HiiT training and the rest lifting.
Today's HiiT:
fucking stairmaster. 7 minutes on level 6 (to be kind to my ankle, he usually makes me go up to 8 after 2 min) - getting ever so slightly easier.
walking angled pushups with bosu ball. started out 8 each side, then went to 12 each. Getting better with my pushups.
20lb kettlebells, one in each hand, carry them shoulder level, squat, then push them all the way up. 25 reps. - nasty!
obliques on the hanging over thing - 12, then 16 each side. - Zumba REALLY helped me with this one. All that ass shaking and side stepping is obliques if you do them right.
captain's chair - straight leg raises, 12, then 15. with threat of burpees if I stopped. Didn't stop.
Two rounds of the above, increasing reps 2nd time around.

Since I injured my ankle last week jumping out of a tractor tire, my trainer didn't want me at the big barbell thing, so we ended up just doing machines.
Super Set squats/leg raises
squats, started 140lb, for 10, then went to 160lbs for 15 reps. - he made me do a bonus 5 when I wasn't dying by 10.
leg raise quads thing - 40lbs for 15, twice. Then second set upped it to 60 for 10 reps, halved the weight for 20. That killed. I'm becoming a fan of heavy lifting for shorter reps.
Straight leg deadlifts - 2 sets of 15. I didn't see the weights.

Legs. Burning.

Took the best nap ever after this session, woke up with sore obliques already.

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