Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Proof is in the Pudding

All that zumba last week + moving my workout session to 11am seems to have paid off. I had a really good session today.

Fucking stairmaster warmup - 6min, started back up at 7. I think I'm starting not to die on this fucking hateful thing.

Toe tap touches on the bosu ball. Hop back and forth on balls of your feet and touch the center of the bosu ball. 35sec. this round was me trying to keep my balance and not crack another ankle.

squats holding 25lb dumbbell and pushing it up at top of squat. 20 reps. I was afraid I would drop that fucking dumbbell on my face. Also, my hands are too small to hold that thing.

10 jumping squats. 3 pulses, 1 jump. I thank Body Pump for prepping me for this one. I owned these.

Hammer curls with 15lb dumbbells, 12-15 reps. Really had to concentrate and not depend on momentum to get these.

Step ups holding weights. - it was on the machine, so I don't know how heavy it was. 8 each leg.

Biceps and triceps on the machines.
classic curls - 15 reps, then drop sets, half the weight and 20 reps.
tricep pull downs - 15 then drop set of 20
tricep high extension. elbows up. 15 reps each arm. tough!
bicep overhand curls, these were weird but i did them 15 reps.
tricep classic extensions - 15 reps and drop sets. I had to go down to lightest weight :( even my trainer was surprised.

THE FUCKING STAIR INTERVALS 30 seconds each. Low-8, high - 11.  I was not dying and he's all, "go to 13" I was like, "fuck" but I did up to 12 and survived (I should have done 13) So something good is happening.

Second round of all the above. When it came to the bosu taps, he was all, "hello. you can go faster." and so I had to pick it up for fucking 35 seconds. I was able to hang and I think I can credit all the zumba. I didn't feel like my ass was so fucking heavy this time. Also, any time I'm asked to do anything on my toes, I can go to town on it.

so, 80% great session. I feel like improved so much on my cardio endurance and I that HAS to be due to all that zumba I did last week.

Why were my tris so weak today?! >:( usually I can rock the tricep days but I was failing by rep 12 on some of them. BOO.

interesting turn of events: this gym is being bought by Gold's. So that's going to be weird. I'll end up having a national membership, so that will be cool, but I know my personal training sessions will go up in price significantly. ugh. And I hope they can grandfather me in on the payment plan bc THIS SHIT IS SPENDY. But worth it. And if I leave here with unused sessions, it will carry over to any Gold's. So ok. Maybe it will work out. I was kind of looking forward to renewing my 24hr fitness when I'm back in the area, but there are sooo many Gold's gyms that I'll always have a place to go.

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