Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Body Shock

It's been a good stretch between workouts. I didn't get any additional classes in over the weekend between the long shifts at work and my honey coming to visit for the weekend.

One thing I did notice was that my body was feeling that it needed, yes, NEEDED to work out...so that's a new thing. I think I've finally begun to make my body adjusted to working out. Even when I was going to Body Pump and Zumba a million times a week, my body never felt driven to go work out.
I've also definitely come to get used to working out first thing of my day. NOT MORNINGS, but I am used to it being the first thing that I do.

I felt my muscles were pretty tight and I had a rough day/night on Monday. 12 hour day and some crap messed up at work so I was on the higher end of anxiety. I slept in later and felt sluggish bc of my mood. This is a new challenge for me, to mentally get over bad days and the want to wallow in bad day-ness. I wasn't under-rested, though so it was good. I had moved my workouts to 11am and I think it's the best thing I've done so far.

I got to the gym, and like a trained rat got on the fucking stairmaster. He told me to go 7min. I usually just do 6 min. I realized I did not hydrate very much yesterday either. But I got on and raised the level from 6 to 8, since my last interval low was 8. I had to pause halfway through to drink water but I made it and it didn't feel SO terrible. Had to stretch out my muscles a lot though. Tight Tight Tight. My knee felt good, so that was a good sign.

HiiT part. He's been upping the HiiT a lot lately. I guess this is better for the weight loss, but I enjoy the lifting more.

5 pushups on bosu ball, then 10 sec box mountain climbers 3 times each
25 squat wall balls with big ball. I didn't pace myself, nor am i coordinated enough for this. I think i hit my chin a couple of times with the medicine ball. These were ugly
30 squats with 40 lb? kg? kettlebell. 2nd time around, he gave me 50 lb kettlebell and made me do 25. Heavy!

did chest and back on the machines.
chest 3 different machines, it's hard to describe them...
press ups 12 reps then drop set of 15
front pull downs narrow grip - 12 then drop set of 20
crosses 12 and then 20
did these all twice

then back to the HiiT - I was feeling it kicking in after the weights.


7 sec alternating / 10 sec mountain climbers on the box / 7 sec rope left hand over right / 10 sec box mountain climbers / 7 sec ropes right over left / 10 sec box mountain climbers / 7 sec both arms at once / 10 sec mountain climbers.
WHEW. I want to get better at these. I kicked up the mountain climbers halfway through when I started feeling my pace.

THEN THE DREADED STAIR INTERVALS. faaaaaack. Bc I had to wait for someone else to finish, he gave me another minute. I wanted to die. Then he and another trainer were talking about "suicides" and I was all, "what are those??" He said, "you don't know what those are? We'll do them on Thursday" DAMMIT. AND I THINK THEY ARE GOING TO BE OUTSIDE. fuck fuck fuck. never asking him what excersises are again.

Then the intervals came. He said that since I had a rest, we go to 4 minutes and he's going to drive. eek. we did 30 sec each. started at 8, went to 12, down to 9, up to 13, down to 9, and finished at 14. I made it and I wasn't as dying as before. I did feel super accomplished and really good about how this session ended. He said I pushed myself and it was a good session.

I am not good at working out through a bad mood yet, since the only way I can work out is if I'm really enjoying it. Today was a good trial in pushing through my bad mood wall, and I had some good milestones in this session despite all of the icky stuff. thumbs up.

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