Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Final.

I got in my last session on Thursday. I was slightly mobile from Kill the Legs the day before, except my hamstrings were crazy sore. I was dreading the stairmaster, as usual.

He upped my warmup to 3min at 8, 3 min at 12. I didn't like it.

started with 20 squat wall balls with 12lb medicine ball - I usually do the 16lb but it wasn't available. It was doable with the 12.  3 rounds in between each tricep

All Tris All the Time.
15 reps wide grip pull downs right into 15 narrow grip. 1 plate and a little plate.
20 leaning over extensions.
20 pull downs
20 cross pulls
all these at least 2xs. I had to go down a plate halfway through and was kinda mad, but my trainer was like, "we did over 40 reps, and your arms are red, so it's ok you're working the muscles"

12 heavy pull downs 50lbs  to 20 half weight
2nd set 12 reps 60lbs and 20 reps 30lbs
12 rows 2 sets heavy

20 squat to shoulder press with 15lbs dumbbells immediately 10 arnold presses
i think we did this 3xs and I may have almost dropped those dumbells on my head.

last. stair intervals.
30 sec each, he controlled it. 8, 12, 9, 14. I felt ok with this. I HAVE CONQUERED THE STAIR INTERVALS

Then I said bye to all my gym staff buddies and it was sad to go. Everyone was super friendly to me and seemed really nice.

As of this posting, though I'm on day 2 and my legs are SO. SORE. I am literally hobbling everywhere. My triceps are so weak that I cannot push down my clothes in my compression bags or roll up my clothes tightly as I am packing. I'm a little worried that I'm too sore, but then again, that was the first time I worked my hamstrings and it's not like he starts me off with super light weights. Hopefully tomorrow I will be a little more mobile.

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