Monday, September 29, 2014

Measurements 2 - Results!

I'm visiting NOLA and conveniently, there is a Gold's like, 5 min away from my parent's house. It's a new gym, so they are pretty aggressively "welcoming" people and luckily, I have a good amt of personal training sessions left, so I was able to side step that conversation. 
But I was able to get my measurements, so that was good. 

Here are my beginning measurements when I started in WS:
My chest is 34 (before I started working out, I was a 32)
Waist 34 (i feel like this might be big, it doesn't look as wide as my chest, but it's my true waist at the belly button)
Hips 42 (no surprise there)
Thigh - 26 (what my waist was when I was 18)
Arms 14 (starting measurement- 11)
Calves - probably about 16 - always big.

Here's my measurements now:
My BMI was 28% which was good, I haven't been under 30 in a long time.
My fat percent was at 37% - sigh. I will really have to really diet for this bullshit to go down. My trainer here is pretty aggressive, she wants me to get down to 25%. 
Neck: 12.5in
Chest: 36.5in. she did it including the boobs, whereas in WS, under the boob was measured, I think. (I'm currently fitting into a smaller bra, btw)
Shoulder width: 43in ( I wonder what the average is)
Waist: 30.5in (woo! 4 inches smaller!) - Trainer wants my waist to get down to 25inches. I wonder if that's even possible.
Hips: 41in (1 inch smaller!)
Thighs: Left: 23 Right: 23 (3 inches! LOTS SMALLER!)
Calf: L: 15.5 R: 16 (I wonder if my knee thing is making my calf smaller) 
Biceps: L: 11.5 R: 11 (3 inches smaller and way more defined!)

Overall, I'm happy to see some concrete progress! My clothes have been fitting slightly looser, and my waist has become more defined. It was so much work, though. I definitely am going to have to take the mantra of, "nothing tastes as good as not having to do stair intervals feels" 

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