Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dancin' Machine

After Thursday night's super successful dance fitness class, I was recharged enough to seek out some more Zumba classes. My knee was feeling good, and I felt ready cardio-wise to get back into the game. I also did not want there to be a long stretch of days in-between my personal training sessions of not working out so that my Tuesdays aren't just me feeling like I have to catch up.

Friday I had some time in the morning and found another studio that was offering a lot of Zumba and dance fitness classes. It's an all women gym and was convienently close to my other gym and home. It's a gorgeous space, huge HUGE dance studio with an awesome floor. Perfect material, not slippery but not too grippy. I super lucked out, this class's instructor was super fun and she was really choreo based, dance oriented and hip hop flavor without being too aggressively high energy. I had a great time, my knee was not giving me problems, I could start twisting and staying on the balls of my feet without pain. My form was coming back and I was having a great time. I started to really feel like I was back in the groove.

The instructor was super nice as well and she asked me if I was also an instructor, so that must mean that I am really on the road back. I am so super excited.

I may be getting back to form, but I can definitely tell that I have been out of practice. All my tiptoe muscles are hurting from dancing on the toes all of a sudden. One thing that I have noticed is that during my long term stint having to wear flats so I could walk around SF hindered my ability to move around up on my toes and my calves and shins were much weaker. Another reason to keep up my stamina of wearing heels! Because, Zumba!

Then I decided to go again on Saturday. I need to get back into going on as many consecutive days as possible. I will train super hard on my sessions and then go to Zumba on the weekends. Sunday and Monday are my heaviest work days, so I think those will be my recoup days. Tuesday I will try to make it a two a day because The Crew teaches Tues/Thurs. I'm being super ambitious now. I usually nap away my Tuesdays. But I can try. I was at that point once. I'd do the 2 consecutive Body Pump and Zumba classes in the am then go to my then-mentor's class in the evenings. I was so sweaty all the time. But also a size 26. So, there's that. Maybe I can do it. I of course find out all these things a week before go-live hits and my schedule gets unbearable.

Anyway, I get to my Saturday class and it's one of those instructors that are SUPER HIGH ENERGY. The kind of instructors I cannot keep up with and with routines that make me feel too heavy to move fast. I'm not a fast mover to begin with, and I really have a hard time keeping up with all the jumping and running around. I was also a little tired bc I stayed up too late. So I settled in at the back, and prepared myself to have to power through the class. But then the pre workout drink kicked in and then she played one of my favorite songs, and it became a super fun class. She played familiar songs that I liked and was able to mostly keep up. I mean, she's the kind that has major hops in class and can jump super high after every grapevine. I tried it, and all I felt was the anchor that was my hips and ass working against me.

I ended up enjoying the class quite a bit and the instructor was super nice, we talked a lot about how fun Zumba is and she just gets so excited and she does it bc she loves it so. Zumba may be some cult fitness thing, but the magic is that everyone who teaches, loves it. LOVES IT.  And it always shows in their classes. They really get their energy from feeling their style and loving doing it. I wonder how instructors have so much energy for their classes and I guess it's from them really loving what they do.

...And I think I'm starting to feel that magic again.

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