Friday, June 13, 2014

Desperate Thighs Call for Desperate Measures

Desperate times, and desperate thighs calls for desperate measures. I have hired a personal trainer. This is how desperado I am - I have allocated my whole clothes shopping budget to this.
I know. I know. I should be able to do this on my own right? I mean, I've spent the last 2 years getting into fitness.

But, it's to the point where I feel like I'm wearing a chubby suit. And I also injured my knee a bit and had to do some physical therapy for an additional month, so I didn't want to get back to classes and re-injure it.

And I have more concrete goals.
I want to work with weights, but I want to undo the bulky that I got when I was doing Body Pump. Seriously, I went up a bra band size, meaning my back got wider,  and went from a sm/xsm in shirts to a medium to accommodate my bigger arms and shoulders. Not exactly fetching feminine curves. :\
I want to get stronger, leaner, and improve my form.
I also need to know HOW to eat and to stop thinking about food as food.

So I had my first session, and my trainer seems like a good fit, he listened to everything I said, and can help me with my meal planning as well.
And will not make me do cardio.
NO CARDIO. Let's do this!

We did a half hour of HiiT training, which was very new to me and I think I can be ok with it. It's in no way disguised as fun, so it was a shift for me. But my heart rate stayed up and I was definitely feeling it but not feeling too winded.
Then we went to the weights room and we did back and biceps. I held my own for the most part, he only had to lessen the weights once and it was still way more than I would do in BP.
I can't say the time went by quickly, but it didn't drag and this will be a lesson in focus, so it will be good for me.
And I noticed the next day I was sore. I'm not usually sore the next day after a workout, so I think I'm on the right track.

For fun, I'm going to a body pump class tomorrow and maybe hit the elliptical. I'm still wary of zumba, bc I don't know if my knee is up to 100% yet, and also I feel too big to move that fast. ugh.

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