Thursday, July 31, 2014

Afternoon Delight? Not So Much.

I found a really good Zumba instructor that I like. She's kind of a oxymoron, bc I can tell her style is hip hop based and she plays a lot of hip hop, but is pretty Christian.

Anyway, I stalk her classes, and she had one today (Wed) at 4:30 - I figured that this was a good time bc it wasn't too late in the day and it would help me prepare for my session on Thurs.

I prepped as usual, with my pre-workout and I tried to eat light all day. I didn't eat much at all bc I'm now used to working out on a nearly empty stomach.

Unfortunately, I didn't feel the energy of the preworkout working so effectively as on my usual mornings. I got through the class, but couldn't do most of the high high energy moments.

Well, as long as I got something in, it's better than nothing.

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