Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'm Back in BiZnass.

Zumba bizness that is. ok, well maybe not zumba, but back in Dance Fitness. I went to my 2nd dance cardio class tonight. It was no joke. They OPENED with Outkast's BOB. I've never ever heard that fast of a song up in a dance class. High energy, but super hip hop, so it was more like high steppin. It takes a CREW to teach this class. 1 incredibly fit female, and 2 sick fit dudes. I think they were all Zumba certified too.

I haven't enjoyed a class in so long, I was on cloud 9 in this class. I really tried to pace myself and I found myself keeping up with the crew - they did a lot of jumping jacks and squats and high knee hopping. I totally attribute this to my training sessions with my personal trainer, though. He's really building up my endurance and ability to keep an elevated heart rate. I also got to sleep in today and that makes a huge difference.

Then they fucking busted out the RuPaul and Big Freedia "Peanut Butter" song. Have mercy. Pop, jumping jacks, high steppin like mad. It was crazytown.

The most inspiring thing tonight was they were saying good bye to one of the regulars, easily a 200lb dude who went up there and did at least 3 songs and was REALLY GOOD. The crew bought smoothies from the smoothie bar and we all toasted to him. He's moving to Cary, NC and is going to get his Zumba cert! I got to talking with him and he told me there is a ton of zumba activities in town. Maybe I'll get in on the action.

This is the first time that I've really felt an improvement in my performance, I can regulate my breathing, my stamina is increased and I'm getting a bit better in the endurance. I can do all the arm routines without getting fatigued like I used to (thanks to lifting) and I think this is the kind of good that people talk about when they say they feel great after working out. Also could be that this is the exact kind of class that caters to me.

So happy that my knee did not give me problems and I can even jump and hop on it. (still hurts a lot when i have to climb/go down stairs though)
I hope that my remaining time here allows me to keep going to these classes.

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