Thursday, July 31, 2014

It Takes a Village to Raise a Rope Beast

Well, today did not totally rock the session. I think it is due to going to bed later than I wanted to last night, and also probably not sleeping too well. I had a bad headache and my allergies were acting up. I didn't feel very awake this morning and was a little slow.

Unfortunately, my trainer had a big HiiT day planned for me.

The fucking stairmaster warmup. He busted me doing a 6 and told me to bump it to 8. faaack. The minutes dragged by. I was getting ok with these.

Box Jumps.
I fucking wussed out on these. The platform is quite narrow and while I knew I could get the height, I also knew that my wide stance would have one foot just off the edge enough for me to fucking eat it. I tried. TRIED. TRIEEEEEEED. I couldn't do it. The image of me falling off the damn thing was too vivid. After my 5th attempt, I asked my trainer if I could do it on a step aerobics step. I think he thought I was afraid of the height bc he didn't stack it up as high as the box. I was then able to jump. I had to do one minute of jumps.

push ups > cross the ropes > mountain climbers
This is good, he put the warrior ropes down, and I had to do pushups on one side, cross the ropes and do mountain climbers on the other. Then cross back and do increasing numbers of push ups, cross back and do longer mountain climbers.
Each time he increased the push ups by 2, and increased my mountain climber time by 3 or 4 seconds. I had to do it until I got to 7 push ups.
These are hard but I think I can improve on these.

Squats and shoulder press ups with 15lb dumbbells 20 reps.

Shoulders with 15lb dumbbells. start with them in front of my face, open out, press up. 15 reps.
Shoulder raises 20 - he gave me 8lbs and then was like, that's too light and gave me 10s.
Shoulder wide pull downs on the machine - 15 reps.
Shoulder pulls to the face - 15 reps
Sitting, leaning forward, extended arm raises with 8lbs dumbbells- 15 reps

Warrior ropes - 10 sec alternating arms 10 seconds both arms till we got to 40 sec. then he tacked on 5 additional seconds each.
One of the other trainers was having a session in the same area, and she was all, "Wow, you go with those ropes! You do really well at them!" I don't know if she was bullshitting, I'll take it.

FUCKING STARIMASTER INTERVALS. He upped that shit. 30 sec each. low 8, high 12. I asked if I could walk around the gym on the last 30 and he was all, "what? no one's asked me that before. No."

Doing the 2nd round of the circuit is sooo hard after this.

He increased reps for most of the moves... and doing the pushups/mountain climbers backwards was killer. I must have looked like I needed a push, bc one of the other trainers joined me for a few seconds. It worked, I pushed it harder. And at least got my last push up in properly. I was dying by this point.

Box jumps. jeezus. hard. 1 minute. He called me out to my gym account manager who stopped by to talk to him. I'm going to have to step up my box jump game.

Warrior ropes. 50 seconds, and bonus 5s each. I was failing by the end but he was all, "get it it to wave to the end, you did it before!"

And he said I was The Rope Beast today. This is the biggest props I've gotten from him.
So, while I don't think I performed as well today, I think the warrior ropes might be something I'm good at. I also want to really get better with my push ups.

I also moved my workouts to all be at 11am. instead of 9. They always say to listen to your body, and mine says that I need to fucking get some morning sleep.

Well, this is what a Rope Beast's arm looks like:

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