Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Session: How Does He Find Exercises That are Worse Than Burpees?

Well today was a really killer session, and I wasn't feeling like going bc it was later in the afternoon and i had gotten accustomed to working out in the mornings. I didn't know he was going to bring the pain today.

I've been dreading that fucking stairclimber, but today I tried to face it on my old setting of 7-8 for warmup. I did 3min at 6, and then upped it to level 7. It sucked but I think it's getting slightly easier.
I should not have spent so much energy on that bc he had me do rope burpees. This is what he opened with.
Rope, burpee, rope. x 8. Jeezus.
Single arm Kettle bell squats and swing - 8lbs kb for 12 reps each side. ok not bad. He'll probably up it to 10lbs next time.
12 pushups on Kettlebells. I was afraid I would not balance and roll off those Kettlebells, otherwise, success.
Lunges across the room with 12lb weight on my back. Suck.
2nd round through - he increased the reps. I was able to get to 9 with the rope burpees, and up to 15 on my pushups.

Chest and Tris day.
Did some strange chesty thing that will puff up my cleavage. Woot. I was probably only at 20lbs but at 12 reps, it was so hard.
Triceps: single pulldowns 12 reps each - bummed bc I had to lighten the weight after first set bc I was falling apart, form wise.
Chest Fly things 10-12 reps - on the machine they are weird to balance.
Triceps: both arms, with that rope thing and split out at the bottom. 12-15 - I did better at these.
Chest flys again - he may have pushed me to 15. But I probably did 12 again.
Triceps: single pulldown drop sets - 10 reps, then cut the weight and do 20 reps. Did. Not. Like.

Then he threw this in: clock pushups.
Pushup at 12 o'clock, rotate to 3, pushup, rotate to 6, pushup, rotate to 9, pushup, back to 12, pushup. PUSHUP again and then back around.
I made one and a half rotations and my triceps literally gave out.

I expressed disappointment in going down in weight with the single tricep pulldowns, but he said: "gotta give credit where credit is due - you have strong triceps"
Improvements: he said my pushups are getting way better.
He asked me how my leg day was. If I was sore today. I admitted that I wasn't sore, so I may be looking at a hard hard leg day next time around. I also said that I didn't like the light weights, lots of reps thing, bc I think I don't have endurance, and he said that my endurance has also way improved. So good.
He also said that today's HiiT sesh was a pretty hard set. I think he did take it easy on me with the ankle thing.

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