Thursday, June 26, 2014

Healthy English Muffins?

I’m lovin’ it– The Healthy Egg McMuffin | Healthy Indulgences
This, like all other healthy versions of delicious foods that are off limits to anyone who is trying to eat healthy, sounds like it will be a seamless transition and it's JUST LIKE THE BAD VERSION OF THIS. never is.

I give kudos to all those paleo/clean/glutenfree/seedfree food bloggers out there who mix up 5+ different kinds of nut flours and dozens of eggs at a time to try to come up with something that is close to resembling bread. I've trolled the pinterest boards and the one thing these recipes do have going for them is that they are quick to make. I mean, it's not really bread, so there's no rise time or anything like that. Out of the thousands of dollars I've spent on almond flour (the shit is expensive!) there's 2 "breads" that have worked out.

English Muffins are so much my favorite thing in the bread world. They are so good with anything and everything. So I was pretty excited when I came across this "english muffin" recipe. However, it does use coconut flour, which in my experience was terrible. But if this one works out, I could be super super happy to have an english muffinesque thing that I can eat. And coconut flour is much less expensive than almond flour.

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