Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tired. Solid. Strong.

Thursday workouts are usually my good days. I've had a few days off, I have had some sleep, and I'm ready to go hard. 

This day was not that kind of Thursday. Could be because yesterday I tried to go to a zumba class and I didn't get a proper rest day in between workout days. Could be due to the extra classes I picked up for work on Wed. But I just woke up not feeling like getting out of bed. I wasn't tired or sore or anything, my body physically felt like it didn't want to move. Mentally, I was all about going to the session today. 

So I got up and dressed, and was moving a bit slower than usual. It was also hotter than it has been, or maybe since my workouts are at 11am now instead of 9am, the heat and humidity is higher and making me feel sluggish. 

The universe threw me a bone - both stairmasters were taken, so I got to warm up on the treadmill. 
We then started with the HiiT stuff:

8 burpees with the 16lb medicine ball.

Alternating with

First real deadlifts with bar. 12 reps. 95lbs. Tough but I did it. I feel like I got fatigued earlier than I usually would, but he said that this is really tough and I should be winded.

Abs circuit:
captain's chair - 15 leg lifts. 
obliques on angled thing. - 15 each side
ab pulldowns on machine - 20 reps
balancing on a bench and doing knees to chest - 20 reps augh!
twice through

Kill the legs:
Squat machine. 3 super sets of 20 at a low weight of 160. I wanted to die during the second set. He said that we have done up to 260lbs so this shouldn't be bad. BUT IT WAS, IT WAS SO HARD. SO MANY REPS. 

leg raises on the machine. 
left, right and both. 10, 10, 20. had to go lower on my weak knee but it helped. 

funny machine that did extensions while standing up and your leg was raised and you kick out. Harder than it looks, bc you have to balance on one foot and keep your other leg raised and then kick out. 20 each leg.

We had a good run, even though I just felt very sluggish. I knew that my body would not be able to do a lot of sustained movement. I don't know what it was, but it was a wall.

I did well on the lifting, he said that most girls who had never done deadlifts  would not be able to start  deadlift at 95lbs like I did. So I feel a bit better with where I am in my workouts. I said that my legs and hip area feel very heavy to me (that's why captains chair feels so hard to me) He mentioned that there is a lot of strength in my legs and I've been doing well on leg day. He has also mentioned I'm strong in my triceps and I must have back strength bc the warrior ropes are something I can see myself getting better at.

So even though I felt like my body hit some sort of wall, this was the first workout that I've actually felt strong. I like this feeling. No wonder people want to lift heavy and for fewer reps.
But I guess the fat burning happens when there is high heart rate. I have to be ok with that, since I really don't enjoy moving around.
(posted late, this was for Aug 07 workout)

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