Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kill the Legs

Well, my time in WS is coming to a close. I am going to have my last session tomorrow. I had my session today and it was fucking killer. But it was a pretty good session.

I was afraid that I'd be sluggish and tired bc I scheduled it for 3:30pm, and I slept good all day. Like till 2pm good. I didn't want to get up. But I took my preworkout, ate a banana, and hoped for the best.

I got there a little early and bought another workout drink and begrudgingly got on the stairmaster. 4min at 8, 2min at 12. I had to stop halfway thru for a slug of water and really just a rest. I'll never get good at this.

Then he put out a 20, kettlebell, a bosu ball, and a 25 kettlebell. His trainer buddy who's always training when we are put out a 50 as a joke. My trainer decided to work it in.
20 kettlebell swings, 20 seconds of mountain climbers balancing on the upside down bosu ball, 20 kb swings of the heavier kettlebell and the bonus10 deadlifts with the 50. Then back through with the kettlbell swings, and 30 sec of mountain climbers.This was a really good circuit. I hated so many reps, but it was a good mix. I think I had to go through it 3xs  - twice back to back, and once after doing weights.
When I get the self discipline, I'd do this.

Leg day
leg raises on the machine 10 reps each leg, up the weight, 15 reps both legs. With threat of burpees if I stop. 3 rounds.
Deadlifts with a 45 kettlebell in each had. 12 reps, 3 rounds. the kettlebell handles were almost too big for my hand to grip. I did good on these.
Hamstring ...things. Basically bending over, straight legged while pulling heavy weights. 12 reps? 3 rounds.
Step ups. I FUCKING HATE THESE. 10 each leg. 2 rounds.
Wall sits. on the bosu ball. 30 seconds. I swear, I felt all the sweat pop out of my pores all at once at the 20 sec mark.
Second round of wall sits I had to hold a medium sized plate straight out for 30 secs. I wanted to die.
Just when I was about to say, "I'll take these over the stair intervals" he says, "hey, we have just enough time for stairs!" die. diiiiie.
I think he shaved off 30 sec. at 30 sec each, it was 8 > 12 > 9> 14 > 8
Surprisingly, I did not feel like dying. I almost thought that I could have probably gone another 30 sec.

And, as I was leaving, I saw him set up the same circuit for his next session, a girl that was most definitely half my age. If i can do the same circuit as a girl that young, I feel pretty fucking ok with myself.

I scheduled a session for tomorrow. Here's to death.

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