Friday, August 22, 2014

Session 8/14? 8/19-ish

Gah, I'm slacking on recording my workouts. I'm two behind and I'm hoping that I can remember what I did.

The summer temps  humidity or something is getting to me, bc I just can't get moving. This workout was better than the last. Here's what I can remember from it.

...I don't think I can remember anything. Did I even have a session last week? I don't think so, Foursquare says no. So here's Aug 19th session:

Oh god, the stairmaster: warmup bumped up to 4 min on 8, 2 min on 10 hard opener, but I was able to get through it.

25 squat wall balls with 16lb medicine ball. I hate these. It's the smaller ball, so he made me do more. well, no. I don't really hate these. I'm just not that coordinated.
The 2nd time I could only make it to 20 wallballs, my body wouldn't do more.

30 squats with the weighted tube thing. Deceptive. Looks light, but it'll wear you out if you don't pace yourself.
The 2nd time, I bargained for a heavier tube thing and less squats. so he gave me the heaviest one but only reduced my reps to 25.

Bicep Curls - omg I'm so weak!!! I had to go down weight I was so embarrassed :(

#Ropebeast time

8 seconds rope
10 reps each arm shoulder raises - only 10lb dumbbells, but I had to do this combo 3 times.

More embarrassing bicep curls. 20 reps narrow grip, 20 reps wide.

Increasing sets
8 seconds rope, 10 shoulder raises. 10x each arm!
10 seconds rope, 15 shoulder raises
15 seconds rope, 20 shoulder raises

Then he gave me some heavy ass bar and I had to do 20 overhand straight bicep curls and then bent wrist curls.

Ended with 20 shoulder presses. Holy crap. These are my weakest and I don't think I finished. I may have gotten to 16.

For not having had a session in two weeks, I think this was ok, even though I got a lot weaker.

FTR, I'm on day 2 and my inner thighs huuuuurt. I then realized I really did like, 100 weighted squats. That's a lot in my opinion. :)

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